God's Bridge

God's Bridge (also known as Zabokrek) is a natural rock bridge in the Chirensko-Lilyashka karst region, about 15 km north of Vratsa. It is about 20 meters high, about 25 meters wide, and along its main axis, the tunnel formed by the Lily Bar is about 100 meters long. During the dry months of the year, the creek below the bridge dries up, leaving a few ponds full of frogs. Hence the other name by which this rock phenomenon is known. The bridge was declared a natural landmark on February 5, 1964. In the nearby Borovanska Mogila area, there are the remains of a fortress from Roman times. The Bridge of God in Lilyache, Bulgaria is a natural wonder that will leave you speechless. This rock formation, crafted by the forces of nature, offers thrilling views of the surrounding beauty. With its unique arch shape and crystal clear waters, Bozhi Most is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Visitors can leisurely walk across the bridge and swim in the cold waters below, or simply sit back and admire the exhilarating beauty. Don't miss an opportunity to visit the exciting natural beauty of the Bridge of God in Lilyache, Bulgaria.



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