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Breakfast Menu

Scrambled eggs with ham

/Eggs, ham, cucumbers, bread./

BGN 3.00

Scrambled eggs with cheese

/Eggs, cheese, cucumbers, bread./

BGN 3.00

Sandwich with ham and cheese

/Ham, yellow cheese, cucumbers. Two pieces per serving./

BGN 3.00

Cheese and yellow cheese sandwich

/Cheese, yellow cheese, tomatoes. Two pieces per serving./

BGN 3.00


Continental breakfast

/Cheese, yellow cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, egg, ham, butter, baked bread, honey and tea./

BGN 5.00

Fried slices with homemade jam

/Two pieces of fried slices, homemade jam./

BGN 3.00

Scrambled egg with bacon

/Eggs, bacon, cucumber, bread./

BGN 3.00

English breakfast

/Egg, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, cucumbers, baked bread and tea./

BGN 3.00