Bridge of God

In Lilyache, Bulgaria, rises the Bridge of God, also called Jabokrek. This natural rock bridge is located in the Chiren-Lilyak karst region, about 15 km north of Vratsa. It is approximately 20 metres high, about 25 metres wide, and its main part is a tunnel formed by the Lilyash Bar, stretching for about 100 metres. During the dry months, the creek under the bridge dries up, leaving several ponds filled with frogs. This is the source of its second name – Jabokrek.

The Bozi Bridge was declared a natural landmark in 1964 and is located near the Borovanska Mound, where the remains of a Roman fortress can be found.

This natural phenomenon in Liliace provides spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. With its unique shape and crystal clear waters, God’s Bridge attracts tourists and locals alike. Visitors can stroll along the bridge, enjoy the cold waters below or simply sit and admire the stunning beauty. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this natural wonder in Lilyache, Bulgaria.




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